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About Yasanche

Y asanche by Yashesh Virkar is a celebration of Artistry, Originality and the many Exquisite and fascinating treasures of the world around us. Yasanche products are highly influenced by the decorative arts, flora and fauna, forms and manufacturing techniques in the most sophisticated versions of the modern trends.
We believe in bringing empowering style to a highly edited unique collection of accessories passing on a sense of exclusivity and prestige to the beholder. Yasanche collection would evoke a sense of Mystery by Power to Seduce, Entice and Captivate the audience by providing exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind.

Story - Yashesh Virkar

Born and brought up in Mumbai , Yashesh graduated from Raffles Design Singapore in 2008 after having completed Interior design studies. After a stint at Internationally acclaimed furniture and lifestyle designer Christophe Guy as a design assistant in Singapore and Craving for extensive knowledge and experience helped him develop a keen eye for honesty and simplicity in design. This enthusiasm pushed him explore boundaries of design which soon lead to establish his own practice Yasanche in 2013.

His professional endeavour in furniture design field working with Architects helped him develop a sense for authenticity. This experiences were seminal in shaping overall approach towards interior living spaces.